Sales Transition Framework


Scientific studies show that after 1 month 44% of the new knowledge is already lost again – after 90 days even 84%. For this reason, it is extremely important to implement a PROCEDURE that makes sure that the new techniques and behavioral patterns become second nature and are continuously incorporated into the daily business.

That is why we have developed the KATA LEADERSHIP AND TRANISITION FRAMEWORK in order to have the CHANGE PROCESS become a success and not to lose the investment made – the biggest risk and a typical problem when implementating new sales competences and behaviours through sales trainings.

The Leadership and Sales Transition Framework


The KATA Leadership and Coaching Model © is based on the KATA principles of Toyota.

The focus is on a structured IMPROVEMENT PROCESS with a Learning Routine for the mentee and a Leadership Procedure for the coach to provide a consistent coaching process as well as to systematically drive the re-qualification towards the new SKILL SETS.


The Sales Excellence Academy © is a 24/7 multilanguage Online Reinforcement and Collaboration Platform including a SalesWIKI.

The system includes all the conversation and messaging tools and helps salespeople to build up the new skills through continuous repetition and reinforcment of the concepts in order to take their competences to a next level.


The Plug-and-Sell Sales Enablement © allows all sellers access to a company-owned data-base providing well designed SALES KITS

This concept accelerates the worldwide transition process, helps to reduce the ramp up time for new team members and enables the management to harmonize the sales approaches throughout the entire sales organization globally.


Mitigate risk through a methodical approach

Step 1

Define New Sales Strategy

Align your sales strategy to your future market development approach. 

Step 2

Manage Buy-In of Sales Leaders

Get the commitment of the sales managers and hook them up.

Step 3

Create Custom-Tailored Sales Trainings

Set up and customize your specific Training Journey Programs. 

Step 4

Deliver Workshops

Organize the rollout of the trainings.

Step 5

Implement Leadership and Coaching Approach

Enable sales leaders and their teams to make the transition of the new skills. 

Step 6

Establish Reinforcement and Collaboration Platform

Empower your sellers to improve their individual sales excellence to a next level.

Step 7

Set up Sales Enablement Strategy

Maximize your pay-off and accelerate your return on invest.

Operational sales management is the driver of the TRANSFORMATION and responsible for a successful implementation of the new skills. This requires the Leadership Framework in combination with the associated Online Learning Platform and the Sales Enablement Strategy as a hybrid learning methodology to systemize and accelerate the transition process. 

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