Highly Customized Sales Trainings


All CODE | 21 Sales Trainings are individually customized to YOUR specific sales approaches and sales roles taking into account the different business scenarios your salespeople typically facing in their day-to-day business

Through BUSINESS SIMULATIONS specifically tailored to your sales scenarios, you will achieve a superior training success and will consistently implement the new techniques into the everyday business. The company-specific modeled conversation tools are provided on the digital online platform in order to systematically make the transition a success.  


To Create Highly Customized Sales Trainings

Highly customized Sales Trainings

Step 1

Identify your specific SALES APPROACH(ES) 

Step 2

Define the typical BUSINESS SCENARIOS of everyday business

Step 3

Putting together the appropriate SALES CONCEPTS needed

Step 4

Modelling the corresponding SALES CONVERSATIONS

Step 5

Setting up the BUSINESS SIMULATIONS for the training and roleplays

Step 6

Finalizing the TRAINING CURRICULA and preparing the ROLLOUT

Customized Sales Trainings

The design and development of the PROGRAMS is done by our lead consultants in collaboration with your management and design team. Through an international network, New Bizness International is able to roll out CODE|21 trainings and workshops in 40 languages and over 70 countries.

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