CODE | 21 Performance Effects

Benefits for the Management and the Company

Sales Leaders will experience benefits in 5 areas which all contribute to achieving more profitable growth.

1. INCREASED PROFITABILITY through realignment of sales organisation

By realigning the sales organization to today´s New Market Paradigms and Buyer 4.0 aligned sales approaches, companies are able to master  buyer-dominated markets and eliminate the limiting performance killers associated with “traditional product sales”. The repositioning results in increased effectiveness and higher performance along the entire sales cycle.

“Not the product, but CUSTOMER CONVERSATION is the key point in a sales system designed for the 21st century.” — Scott Santucci, Analyst at Forrester Research


2. MORE SALES AND INCREASED BUSINESS by new conversation skills 

The newly way how to lead a conversation through the newly developed conversation modelling system© as well as focusing strictly on VALUE and ECONOMIC IMPACTS, enables salespeople to systematically create demand and guide decision-makers in the process of closing deals. More new business, increased deal rates and higher wallet shares are the final result.

“With focusing on value, the chance of closing a deal increases by 60%.” — IDC Research


3. BETTER DIFFERENTIATION through new skill sets along the Buyer Journey

The new SKILL-SETS enable sellers to precisely address the expectations of the modern buyer. The BUYER, his mindset, his situation, his challenges and his BUSINESS AGENDA are the center of attention. THINK BUYER! leads to more resonance and higher acceptance among decision makers and enables salespeople and consultants to stand out from the competition methodically and individually.

“85% of decision-makers say that their expectations are not met in discussions with salespeople.” — Forrester Research


4. MORE EXCELLENCE AND PERFORMANCE by a sales enablement strategy with global reach

A newly developed Sales Enablement Strategy based on SALES-KITS, which are designed centrally by a competence team consisting of product management, marketing and sales, in combination with a PLUG-AND-SELL knowledge sharing system, companies can establish a group-wide SALES INTELLIGENCE. This speeds up the Transformation Process and guarantees a best-in-class sales level throughout the entire sales force across all markets in order to improve performance and returns substantially.

“Only 10% of sellers master VALUE-SELLING-SKILLS – a core competence in BUYER 4.0 markets.” — IDC Research.


5. PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT through a intrinsic Leadership- und Coaching-Modell

In addition, CODE | 21 provides a leadership and coaching model for the MANAGEMENT, which enables them to establish the new methods and concepts in the organization on a long-term basis. Permanent reinforcement according to the KATA principle enables sales managers to develop their teams in an ongoing, rolling process and integrate the principle of “constant improvement” into the corporate culture.

“Studies reveal that after 90 days, 84% of what was learned is lost again.” — EDUCATION Knowledge

How do you get there?

See the impact you can achieve by up-skilling your sales engine to the new sales roles and the evolving Buyer 4.0 behaviors and decision patterns.

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