Performance Initiative


A Performance Initiative customized for your company, designed to close the gaps in sales and increase the performance and consistency of your Sales Engine. 


Ready-To-Go Programm

You can receive a READY-TO-GO PROGRAM customized for your company with a FIXED PRICE for Analysis, Design and Customization of the Programme according to your requirements. We don‘t do „One size fits all“, but focus on developing the skills that align to your industry and the performance profiles of your teams.



  • Assessment of your current sales process
  • Design of the desired sales process underlying the new market paradigms
  • Definition of the required Buyer 4.0 Skill Set
  • Definition of the required sales tools
  • Definition and development of the appropriate Messaging components and conversation models
  • Build of the specific Sales-Kits©
  • Set up of the training curriculum based on the sales processes and skill sets defined
  • Development of a Case Study or a Business Simulation Concept
  • Layout and finalization of training materials and workbooks
  • Delivery of the training workshops
  • International Roll Out – upon request

A customized up-skilling program with controlled up-front investment through the use of a standard framework, enabling rapid and structured personalization.

How can you anticipate what to expect and how you will gain?

Go the save way!

In turbo-charged 1 day workshop, you will get a comprehensive picture of the Code | 21 methodology, tools, skills and Sales Enablement. You can assess relevance and effectiveness upfront and make an informed decision with no risk.

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