The Next Level VALUE SELLING focusing Buyer 4.0.

VALUE SELLING is usually characterized as sales approach highlighting the benefits for the customer by linking the product features to the specific customer needs.

In our opinion, these are the BASICS in a B2B sale of the 21st century – moving away from a simple product approach towards more customer centricity and a needs-based solution argumentation with presentation of the customer benefit.

However, the modern decision-maker has already arrived at the next higher level with his THINKING AND EXPECTATIONS concerning what a salesperson should address in an engaging and valuable sales conversation. Due to survey results of Forrester Research:

85% of decision-makers do not see their expectations fulfilled in conversations with sellers and in 90% of all business talks sales representatives do NOT manage to address WHAT is most important for the buyer.


The new mindset of the BUYER 4.0 and its new behaviour code, how to come to decisions, calls for adapting the concept of “value-based selling” to today’s markets. Accordingly, the approach needs to be enriched with new skills and tools. The aim is to raise the conversation to a new level, which is in line with the expectations of the modern buyer.

The crucial question in this context is how the structure and content of sales conversations have to be changed in order to ensure that today’s decision-makers are reflected in the conversations and get motivated by the new formats of business talks to engage in procurement processes.

Therefore, the crucial question is how the modern buyer makes his decision, which mental steps he takes, what is in the spotlight for him and what are his demands on how to conduct a conversation and which topics and contents are of relevance to him.

These aspects form the basis for the redesign of the sales conversation concepts and have ideally to be addressed so that the buyer sees his expectations fulfilled and is encouraged to develop preferences for the seller and supplier.



For this purpose, the CODE | 21 conversation models focus on two major aspects and thereby go beyond the current approach of value-based selling:

Today’s buyer is significantly influenced by economic parameters and wants to know how he and the company will benefit in case of taking a purchase or investment decision.

For this reason, the VALUE-SELLING model of CODE | 21 puts strong emphasis on quantifying the economic impacts associated with a solution or product offering. Beyond the common product-feature-benefit argumentation, the intended outcomes are specified and the FINANCIAL IMPACTS for the customer are illustrated. The foundation for this approach is a particularly designed VALUE-CHAIN argumentation pattern, which is suitable both for the more complex Solution Sales as well as for standardized commodity and catalog products.


The second differentiator and a strong USP of CODE | 21 is the alignment of the structure and content of the newly developed Buyer 4.0 conversations to the procedure and mental steps a modern buyer is taking to make his decision.

This means adapting the style of conversation and the underlying storyboard to the way buyers think and make decisions today. Moreover, it is crucial to consider the position of the buyer in his buyer journey and to explicitly take into account his current buying status.

This is achieved through a 4-sector conversation model in which each segment represents a decision-making step of the buyer. This enables sellers to adapt the buyers’ mental pattern in order to engage with the decision maker and take the lead in the sales cycle.

This makes the NEW VALUE SELLING 4.0 the number one differentiator in buyer-dominated markets with more and more commodity products. The instruments enable sellers to build up systematically preferences to decision-makers and differentiate themselves from the competition.


How do salespeople achieve the illustrated next-level competencies?

Take a look at the Conversation Modeling System©, which helps salespeople to achieve the desired conversational skills.

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