CODE | 21 New Sales Enablement Strategy

Plug-and-Sell Sales Enablement Through SALES KITS©

Professional SALES ENABLMENT is the key to increasing seller productivity in the shortest possible time as well as developing the professionalism of the entire sales organization and speeds up the transformation process.

Competence Teams including representatives from sales, marketing and product management create specific conversation elements and tools to share them consistently throughout the entire sales force in order to ensure a high level of customer conversation. These SALES-KITS© are prepared to extend the classic product training by providing sales-relevant value argumentations and communication tools. The DIALOG-FRAMEWORK and its elements form the foundation of this process:

    Designing and developing Corporate and Product Messages and Statements used in business development initiatives in order to achieve higher response rates. In this process, competencies and products are presented specifically from the perspective of the buyer highlighting the VALUE implied for him.
    Creating the Storyboards and Conversational Elements for different conversation models, in order to give sellers fluency and confidence in the critical stages of the sales process and enable them to handle conversations in an masterful and routine way. This also includes Visualization and Collaboration Tools for the engagement, presentation and proposal stage in order to strictly differentiate from competitors.


    This PLUG-and-PLAY Approach for developing and implementing specific Sales-Kits© increases the performance in particular when:

    • You launch new products and expect quick results
    • You hire a new seller that you want to ramp-up quickly
    • You have or want to expand an international sales organization
    • You want your Channel partners to sell more effectively

    Through the use of a Sales-Wiki you make your know-how easily available. After having explained your sales methodology, you can continiously share new Sales Kits© with your internal and external sales force in order to build higher levels of Sales Intelligence within your Sales engine.

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