CODE | 21 New Sales Process Model

The Buyer Journey Drives The Sales Process

What you have seen typically in Solution Sales concepts (Solution Selling, Miller Heimann, TAS or Winning Complex Sales etc.) are sales methodologies, which are purely process basedA strictly defined sales process with steps, must-do activities associated with each step, and milestones which have to be achieved at each step. This model is traditionally created from the seller’s point of view. It assumes that the seller takes the decision maker through his selling scheme.

Today in Buyer-dominated markets this makes little sense, because the buyer triggers the process and defines the rules. We are in the situation that the buyer approaches us in various phases of his BUYER JOURNEY and we need to identify his position in his journey and respond right to his buying state. When buyers get in contact with sales people, usually  they have already made 67% of their decision!

Beyond this, selling in accordance to a defined sales process does not reflect the way many companies do business, especially in large field sales organizations. They typically visit customers on a regular basis and focus is the conversation and discussion with the client. They do not follow a sales process, they act along recurring, but switching business situations.

In this case the business model is specified through different Business Scenarios that take place in their day-by-day business. A formally defined sales process is only underlying the CRM system in order to provide the structure for the documentation of the sales history and to enable a solid sales management.

This is the reason why we choose a new way. 

We identify typical sales scenarios in your day-to-day business that result mainly from the position a client might have in his Buying Journey and how customers are taking buying decisions in your specific industry. All aspects are put together and summarized in a unique BUSINESS SCENARIO. Finally we pick the required tools and a corresponding conversation model from our CODE | 21 Skill Catalogue to build a scenario-specific SKILL-SET.

This approach makes sure that a salesperson is fully equipped with all skills and tools necessary to master the sales setting.  The advantage is that you are free to identify new critical scenarios from your day-to-day business at any time and set up another Skill set for your salespeople – regardless of the defined sales process underlying the CRM system.

This new approach is much more dynamic and ideally aligned to Buyer 4.0 behavior and mindset!  You can maintain your basic methodology and best practices. The CODE | 21© Skill-Set enhances your current way of working and fits seamlessly into the existing framework.

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