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Selling and Wining in a Buyer-Driven World

CODE | 21 are a newly designed CONVERSATION AND SALES TRAINING PROGRAMS that empowers salespeople through new CONVERSATION SKILLS to translate their way of selling into the context of today’s changing buying environments and compete successfully in buyer-empowered markets to finally take their performance to higher levels.

Through the use of a specifically developed Conversation Modelling Systems© the differently styled FRONTLINE CONVERSATIONS are addressing exactly the new MINDSET of today´s Buyers and meet their BUYING PRACTICES in an ideal wayWith this, sellers resonate perfectly with buyers in each position of their JOURNEY and are able to compete successfully with all other competitors. 


Facts matter:​

Think Buyer!

Traditional sales methods, which have been trained and used since years, are no longer effective and didn’t make it, that salespeople have the right sales conversations in place and address the right content.

The findings of Forrester Research clearly illustrate this.

This results in limited performance of the sellers and limited profitability of the company.

Code 21 Sales Dilemma

Upskill your sales teams to the next level of Sales Excellence by using Conversation Models and Tools that are following the concept of value-based SELLING integrating the main principles of the Challenger Sale. This enables salespeople to particularly differentiate in Commodity Markets, compete in Transactioanal Sales situations and help to manage existing customers through highly effective cross- and upselling conversation models.



Frontline Conversations along the Buyer Journey designed for the 21st century.


A worldwide team to facilitate rollouts in 40 languages around the globe.


Higly customized Training Programs to cover your dedicates sales approaches.


A newly developed Coaching Model to successfully manage TRANSITION.


A Reinforcement and Collaboration Platform to shift selling skills to the next level.


Accelerating Global Transformation to harmonize sales approaches globally.



The Conversation Modeling System© empowers salespeople to create sales dialogues in accordance with the new MINDSET and BUYING BEHAVIOUR of modern Buyers in order to finally take the lead in conversations and close deals systematically. Considering the specific business scenario and the buyer`s position in her or his Buying Journey sellers design conversations, that exactly meet the expectations of today´s decision-makers.

This is how we provide the appropriate selling skills for the new SALES ROLES that are specifically required in today´s industry and consulting organizations to cover the different sales approaches which companies take due to their specific business model.

is the Core Design Point of 21th Century Selling Systems.

[Scott Santucci, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research]

The HOW, Not The What

We all know WHAT we should do and we are familiar with the HOW-TO-CONCEPTS illustrated in the prominent trainings. But HOW do we really translate the popular concepts into sales conversations? Which conversational tools can be used to achieve this? Which dialog structure and contents are necessary in consideration of today’s market realities and in which way the changing buying environment affects today´s business talks? This is the TRUE MAGIC to master 21th century sales challenges.

Through our newly developed CONVERSATION MODELLING SYSTEM© we enable salespeople to do precisely such a job. This results in superior differentiation, increased deal rates and higher effectiveness in today´s Buyer-dominated markets.



Multiple Sales Approaches and Individually Tailored Sales Trainings

Multiple Sales Approaches

The CODE | 21 Selling and Conversation System helps managers to systematically realign and upskill organizations that have a wide range of products and services and therefore need to cover a number of differentiated sales approaches as well as sales roles in different business lines.

In contrast to the classic training concepts, we are not committed to a single SALES Methodology. Instead, when designing the Conversation Models, we concentrate on your true sales concept and market approaches, which are individually defined by your business model. In this way, managers achieve the best possible qualification for their sales teams.


Partner Selling

Individually Tailored Sales Trainings

Taking into account the typical business scenarios along the Buyer Journey, that your salespeople regularly face in their day-to-day business, you arrive at exactly the sales roles that characterize your business model. A COMPETENCE CATALOG with almost 50 Buyer 4.0 relevant elements is available for the design of role-based skill sets and conversation models.

We use BUSINESS SIMULATION, near-the-job, to train the HOW. How we translate value-based argumentation lines into sales dialogues, how we bring the concept of teaching and tailoring into practice and how we achieve confidence and fluency in sales conversation for real-life situations.

You teams will benefit from a sharp learning curve and managers get empwered to establish a framework for a truly company-specific SALES EXCELLENCE.

Highly customized Role-based Buyer 4.0 aligned



Implementing the new skills in the everyday business

The Transition Framework

Transition is key and, according to experts, represents about 70% of the overall success. For this reason we invested in a specific transition tool set. The framework incorporates three components that are coordinated with each other to manage the transformation successfully and achieve the intended ROI:

  • A LEADERSHIP & COACHING Model to implement new skills into Daily Business
  • A DIGITAL LEARNING Platform to improve individual sales excellence levels
  • A SALES ENABLEMENT Strategy to accelerate transformation globally
These framework enables sales leaders to systematically harmonize the new sales approaches throughout the entire sales organization and develop a new sales culture that resonates on the market. 

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