The basis for effective reskilling your sales engines is to define the sales process that maps to your specific sales approach as well as to the new buying behaviors and decision patterns of today‘s BUYER 4.0.

Regardless of whether you start of a blank page, whether you already have a sales process that needs to evolve, or whether you want to keep the sales process your teams currently use, we will integrate our Skills Profiles in the sales process stages in order to help your sales engine with a Buyer 4.0 aligned sales approach.

You can keep your current methodology and Best Practices. The CODE | 21© Skill Set takes your current ways of working to the next level and integrates seamlessly into your current framework. For each step, we will define the required Skill Set based on your requirements. Each Seller role will be equipped with exactly what they need, because no one size fits all.




There is no need to discard what you already have. We will help you make it more effective through:

  • Adapting your current framework to today‘s evolving market paradigms and buyer behavior,
  • Adding the new Conversation and Messaging Skills

What you‘ll get is a redesigned sales approach that addresses today‘s markets and a Skills Set that aligns to the new behaviors and decision patterns of BUYER 4.0.


There are a lot of sales methodologies (Solution Selling, Miller Heimann, TAS or Winning Complex Sales etc.), which are purely process based, with very clearly defined steps – these steps then present the basis for the training workshop.  This is what you have seen typically in Solution Sales concepts. A strictly defined sales process with steps, must-do activities associated with each step, and milestones which have to be achieved at each step. While this all makes sense, this does not reflect the way many companies does business, especially in large field sales organizations.

There are a lot of sales models, especially in large field sales organizations, that are less driven by a strict sales process. The daily reality are sales calls and customer visits. What leads to success is the quality of the conversation they have with customers. This is why this organizations focus on the customer conversation, and different types of customer dialogues, based on the situation, the contact partners, their buying state and extremly where they are in their buying journey. 

In this case the workshops follow these BUSINESS SCENARIOS which reflect their typical daily business and the sales challenges they face day by day. This new approach is much more dynamic and ideally aligned to Buyer 4.0 behavior and mindset!  A complete new approach.

What you‘ll get is a sales approach that is detached from your technical CRM based sales process, but in line with the requirements of your field sales representatives and your inside sales.

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