Today‘s 4.0 decision maker thinks and acts along a new behavioral code and makes his decisions by going through a radically new thought process. He makes his decision based on new criteria and new expectations towards sellers.


The decision making formula represents the different phases in the new buying journey. In order to succeed, the seller has to understand and help the buyer provide solid answers to the key questions embedded in the new buying journey.


Why should the Buyer change something? How will he and his company benefit from the change? Why should he buy from us? Why should he act now?




Each sales role corresponds to one step in the New Buying Journey and focuses on providing Buyer 4.0 with the right answer at the right moment. Each sales role is equipped with the tools and skills required to align to the mindset and expectations of Buyer 4.0.


Agenda SetterDER AGENDA SETTER© – Why Change?

The AGENDA SETTER© is able, through new contact strategies and prospecting concepts, to get access to decision makers, generate interest and get his agenda on the table. He consistently builds new contacts and High Quality Leads.

His messaging approach is based on the buyer’s business agenda and critical business issues that are relevant and urgent to that buyer. The LeadFactory© and MESSAGING focus on opportunities and challenges that can result in increased value and operational improvements for the buyer.

Through this approach, the AGENDA SETTER© achieves responses rates exceeding 50%.

Key Points:

  • LeadFactory©
  • Contact Strategy
  • Sales Playbook
  • Business Agenda and buying motivation
  • Buying reasons and scope of needs
  • Cause of Action and lines of argumentation
  • Messaging-Pool©
  • Positioning, Solution and Competence Statements
  • Value Messages
  • Executive- and Gatekeeper Conversations
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Email Templates and Follow-Up strategies
  • Info-Graphics, White Papers and One-Pager
  • Lead Nurturing

Methods, Tools and Communication concepts for developing Leads with new customers and identifying new business opportunities with existing customers. (Customer Engagement)



Change AgentDER CHANGE AGENT © – WIIFM? What is in for me?

After initial contact, it is critical, to show the customer, through a consultative Dialog, what quantified business results and operational improvements can be achieved, prove that these benefits can be achieved and how these benefits propagates throughout the entire company.

In order to achieve this, THE CHANGE AGENT© uses Conversation Models that embed different storyboards and elements of dialog. Our Dialog-Framework© provides models for different types of customer conversations: Diagnosis, Innovation, Strategy and Competitive conversations. Whatever the type of conversation, the seller can structure his approach through our Conversation Modeling System©, in order to systematically generate demand, quantify the Business Value and create a buying vision.

He is in a position to connect with the 85% of dissatisfied decision-makers who currently see their expectations not being met and – for 88% of them – wish to be taken through a conversation, not a presentation.

Key Points

  • Conversation Modeling System©
  • Inverted Communication Funnel
  • Buyer 4.0 Decision & Action Formula©
  • Conversation Compass
  • Storyboards
  • Pain-Gain Navigator©
  • Diagnosis concepts
  • Conditioning technique
  • Core Buying Reasons
  • Quantifying Values
  • Solution Mapping and Visualizing
  • USP-Grid
  • Sales-Story
  • Buyer Qualification
  • Evaluation Procedure
  • Identifying the Buying Center
  • Vision Creation
  • White-Boarding



Business ExpertDER BUSINESS EXPERT© – Why You?

During the Presentation and Proposal phase, the seller has to justify why and how his offering provides the best of all available alternatives.

The BUSINESS EXPERT© has the ability, above and beyond excellent product knowledge, to differentiate himself by using specific Collaboration- and Sales-Tools and create a differentiation at personal level and by the way he sells. This is particularly critical: As products tend to commoditize, they increasingly fail to provide the Buyer with real differentiators.

By using the tools from the Collaboration Framework©, the seller elevates to becoming a partner to the buyer. He takes better control over the evaluation process and increases the chances of winning the deal.

Key Points:

  • Collaboration-Plan
  • Milestone Strategy
  • Engagement and Control tools
  • Executive Buyer und Buying-Center
  • Formal and informal roles
  • Sweet Spot Presentation
  • White-Board Moderation
  • Storyboard and Proofs
  • Hot Spot List
  • ROI-Chart
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Solution- and Value-Story
  • Executive Summary
  • Executive Review Meeting
  • Best and Final Order


Value ManagerDER VALUE MANAGER© – Why Now?


It is critical for sellers to b able to close a deal, to avoid „No-Decision“ outcomes and achieve high margins.

In order to achieve this, the VALUE MANAGER© uses an evolving Closing Strategy that helps bring the deal step by step to a successful end. Through value-based Negotiation Concepts, he directs the Buyer’s attention away from cost and price towards value and profits. He also manages to mitigate the Buyer‘s perception of risk.

With Win-Win Negotiations and the tools from the Value Framework© he is in a position to withstand pressure on price and close at higher margins.

By focusing on value, the chances of winning the deals increase 60%. IDC Research

Key Points:

  • Evolving Closing Strategies
  • „No-Decision“ scenario
  • Value-based Negotiating concepts
  • Buyer tactics/span>
  • Closing Audit
  • Red Flag List
  • Risk Management
  • Justifying the Value
  • ROI-Chart
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Swap List
  • Win-Win Negotiation Principles

Increase conversion rates dramatically through evolving Negotiation Strategies and diminish price pressure through value-based Negotiations in order to achieve better margins(Final Agreement)


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