As Products and Solutions tend to commoditize, Conversation and Messaging Skills become a Key Competence for Selling today. The CUSTOMER CONVERSATION is the central point for new selling systems.

The world‘s leading research organizations confirm:

Customer Conversation


Our Conversation Modeling System© build on four Steps, that reflect the expectation and new mindset of today’s buyer, and makes sure to overcome the 85%-dissatisfaction and the “Only 9 out of 10”-disaster. It helps the seller differentiate and create greater satisfaction with buyers.

Depending on the specific CONTACT PERSON, his POSITION IN THE BUYING JOURNEY and the SALES SCENARIO, the seller can use different conversational concepts, tools and communication aids in order to generate one out of four different DISC-Conversations© typically used:

  • The Diagnose Conversation
  • The Innovation Conversation
  • The Strategy Conversation
  • The Competitive Conversation

The seller can therefore, based on the situation and objective of the conversation, align his preparation and meeting according to the Buyer.

Product Managements und Marketing Teams can prepare communication elements and share them consistently throughout the entire sales force in order to ensure a high level of customer conversation – at all times.


This PLUG-and-PLAY Approach for developing and implementing specific Sales-Kits© increases the performance in particular when:

  • You launch new products and expect quick results
  • You hire a new seller that you want to ramp-up quickly
  • You have an international and diverse sales organization
  • You want your Channel partners to sell more effectively

Through the use of a Sales-Wiki you make your know how easily available. After having explained your sales methodology, you can continiously share new Sales Kits© with your internal and external sales force in order to build higher levels of Sales Intelligence within your Sales engine.


What role does the Sales Process play?

Whether you sell complex offerings through a complex sales cycle, or whether your teams conduct regular customer visits with different conversation scenarios, we can model your ideal sales process. Want to know more?…

Sales Process Design